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  1. Best Game Pad Controller

    i can't see the pictures. For me, the best is Dualshock 4, I can play in my ps3/ps4, pc and android. It's really good!
  2. IMG_20160514_083629301_HDR.jpg

    wow, great work!
  3. My game life

  4. ah, I forget her, Jill valentine . My Favorite from RS3
  5. change avatar

    Recently, the website displays a message inviting to me to update my profile. nice!
  6. New Users - Introduce Yourselves

    Hello, My name is Jose Miguel, I'm from Chile and my english is not very good :) I have recently found this website from "LaunchBox" and I think it is a great project, because every retro gamer has dreamed of something like this. That's all ;)
  7. change avatar

    Yea, I want to change it too