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  1. EmuMovies Sync

  2. I'm interested! I'm assuming these are for desktop versions of tables? There is probably a good handful of folks over on the hyperspin forums that would be interested as well.
  3. Hello there, I wanted to ask for an option in the downloader server to have it save everything to a specific folder, instead of sorting it. Obviously this work for things like "snaps" and "titles", but the option to save both snaps and videos to the same location would be awesome. My reason is that I'm a Hyperspin user, and having it put them all in one location would allow Hyperspin to just pickup whatever is available AND make updating the EmuMovies downloads a lot easier (new content, or new roms to fill in). Hyperspin only supports a single location for video / image media. It will pull FLV files over PNG files though, so having both in the same place would be advantageous. If the software can already do this and I missed something... please help. thanks for you time, and thanks for the awesome product!