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Father of 2, husband, son, brother, gamer and all around helpful person. I enjoying seeing ppl start new projects and try to help them out as much as I can. Love building arcade/racing/pinball cabinets. Growing up my friends and I would always be at the arcades, I had some great times there and have lots of great memories. I met so many good ppl in my teens while playing games like killer instinct and street fighter, friends I still have today 20 years later. Just trying to do my part to keep retro arcade gaming alive..... So if you need any help with setting things up or have any software or emulator issues feel free to msg me.... Overtime you will se me playing a more active part with this community and post vid tutorials from software/emulation/frontends and step by building guides..... One thing I have been building lately is templates for all sorts of arcade cabinets so let's say your not the most handy person and don't really use tools I am creating tracers of cabinet specs and scanning them to pdf so this way ppl can just download the pdf and goto there local print shop and get it printed go home and tape it to your wood or mdf and just follow the template and cut around it.... I made a few for some friends and it helped them out allot.... Let keep that arcade vibe alive cause console gaming is just not the same.

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