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  1. @saitoh00 I just finished building a bartop cabinet a few months back. The frontend I used was retropie and I upgraded the pi2 to a pi3 it's a bit faster and wifi build in which is awesome, wifi was the main feature I loved cause I'm able to upload and delete roms and bios from my PC by just going into my network option. The only issue I really have with the Pi units is the n64 roms and them being laggy even when I overclock my pi3 but aside from that everything else worked flawless. If you need any help setting it up just send me a msg. Goodluck with your project
  2. Hello Everyone I'm Mason.... First off I would like to thank everyone who is a part of the EmuMovies community for keeping such an amazing site and service up and running and all the Admins who are always hard at work and continue to bring us all new content... hats of you to all, I can only imagine how much work that can be..... with the help of this site and community and a few other helpful forums I am almost done building my 3 arcade cabinets, I would say I'm at 80% done so thank you all you may not realizing it but everyone on here has been such a great help and inspiration that I felt confident enough to take on the task of building my own which ended up turning into 3 cabinets sooooo thank you all so much.... I'm looking forward to being a part of this community for a very longtime.....heres a link to a small video i made of the cabinets in the works------> http://www.kizoa.com/Video-Editor-Movie-Maker/d57906459k3968122o1l1/custom-build-arcades-
  3. Raspberry pi units inside an enclosed box
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