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  1. Excellent! I will look forward to seeing your creation.
  2. As far as I have researched, there exists no archive for actual scans of all of the Neo Geo AES carts. There are some recreations available, but nothing that is true to what the real life cart looked like. The problem is the sticker and art fold up to the top of the cart so a scan of the front will be incomplete. Here is an example below. Has anyone seen a WIP for Neo Geo AES cart scans? This is a glaring omission given the high status of the system.
  3. I can also confirm this issue is not specific to me. I had another friend register and try and download more than 1 file and he gets the same error too. He was using Safari and OS X 10.11.
  4. Since friday I seem to be running into an emumovies.com showstopping error. The file download notification that you can only download 1 file at a time seems to persist long after the download has finished. After 24 hours it seemed to reset and let me download another file, but again, after the 32MB file had finished this morning, I get the error that I can only download 1 at a time if I try and download anything else. I posted a screenshot of what shows up. Resetting cache, and logging in and out doesn't seem to change anything so I'm guessing that download activity is now hard coded to a user account and the server is not being notified the download has finished. I'm using Firefox 49.0.2 x64 on Win10.
  5. I love, love, love seeing builds of people's cabs. There is something magical about seeing their childhood dreams come alive with each new piece installed. Beautiful build!
  6. I hate to ninja an old thread, but just to give anyone a heads up in case anyone searches, this works extremely well with Launchbox also. I used it to convert some old busted bin/cue's for import and the Hyperspin naming is perfect for both.
  7. Launchbox absolutely. I am amazed at how quickly it is being developed these days and it is lightyears ahead of HS when it comes to ease of use.
  8. Hi I'm Fenn I'm working on adding all of my classic games into a Launchbox system and I love being able to get artwork for them. This site is the best! Thank you to everyone that has helped make this happen.
  9. I was always a fan of CarnEvil. Sooo much fun back in the day. Of course nothing beats the original Mortal Kombat. That was a game changer.
  10. It would be nice to see some artwork to link to the Steam games I imported into Launchbox.
  11. Thanks much for any work you have put into this.
  12. Yup just use the sync utility. I had it update some low quality scans the other day. Amazing how well it works.
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