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  1. It does seem I need to remember to refresh the page before I post something.
  2. Thanks a lot! I will definitely be using these on Hyperspin!
  3. Been tinkering a lot with CEMU, great things to come, for sure!
  4. To quote a character from a certain digital card game who is also based on a movie character/real life actor: "That belongs in a museum!"
  5. That PlayStation video pack is most likely the only one in existence (outside of HyperSync, I mean) on the whole internet.
  6. What did you do with the original internals of the MD II? I suppose they were nonfunctional, or you simply keep them somewhere?
  7. This style of theme is something that will probably only be used sparingly, considering the time and effort that needs to be put towards making them, and the fact they are literally in the way when you just want to play.
  8. I personally prefer to keep my game files zipped, unless the game sizes are above 1 GB. I simply hate waiting for loading times when trying to play my games. What about you guys and gals, zipped or unzipped? And why? Bonus: I plan on reaching Level 99 on this forum, eventually.
  9. Demul is what you need, as others have stated before me, it simply is a lot more compatible (except for games that run CE, which aren't really that good anyway).
  10. I guess it's a learning experience then, I'll make sure my stuff will go where it should.
  11. I might give it a try, does it have a way to make the games list look different? Like using game art for it, instead of plain text?
  12. Someone should allow deleting posts, in case a noob makes a triple post by mistake.
  13. I know the post is a bit older, I tried watching the video but it leads to a dead link, just so you know.
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