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  1. Hi, so long time emumovies user through launchbox premiums integration and Batocera's as well. it's been about 1.5 years since i've needed to download viedos and while it use to work seamlessly if not a little slowly, now i can't figure out how to get launchbox to actually download any of my missing vids for gamecube or ps2 at all. on top of that, i can't even get this dumb "sync" program to find more than a few vids per console and i get stuck with a folder that has only 2 files in it for most of my console collections that say "have" that reads empty and "missing" that has a list of literally every game i queued up to search for so i know it really is identifying them, just returning a result of no videos. For example: PS2 found 6 videos out of 35 games and Gamecube found ZERO out of 120. i literally JUST paid for the lifetime membership cause i thought vids were no longer in the free tier and it turns out, i'm wrong about that, but maybe everything's just a little broken right now? Any help and directions on how to get emumovies to work as seamlessly as it did before this year would be greatly appreciated. I happily paid for automation and now it seems i'm asked to go back to manually downloading vids through some ftp server or some un-integrated to launchbox, sync app and transferring in a bunch of steps. Headaches.
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