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  1. robthedude

    Can't extract MAME video snaps

    7 zip for me
  2. robthedude

    why dont i see AttractMode anywere?

    I am using attract mode. It is pretty good, easy to navigate around.
  3. robthedude

    Bartop Arcade Mark 1

    nice one.. like it
  4. robthedude

    Gold/Platinum membership

    only just getting my head around it
  5. robthedude

    EmuMovies Front End Poll '16

    just about to start tinkering with launchbox
  6. robthedude

    Hi everyone!

    never even thought of getting the guns on there. hmmmm.... One step at a time haha
  7. robthedude

    Hi everyone!

    wow that looks ace.
  8. robthedude

    What made you build your own Arcade Cabinet?

    Just about to start now. its just better than sitting on the sofa staring at the tv.
  9. Playstation all done now.. Time to look at everything else.
  10. Nice one.. cant wait
  11. robthedude

    Videos System Fixed

    Lots of good tutorials in there.