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  1. Thank you for the reply when you are busy. That's great, could you please update us here when the fix is made? I guess once the fix is done I can just re-download with HyperSync and all will be normal again? Thanks alot
  2. Hi, I have used HyperSpin on and off for a long time (All on the same machine) and I recently used the hypersync program (Latest version) to download the full nes video snap set with my games, and for some reason alot of them dont show sound when in hyperspin? they all work if i open them with vlc from the media folder where they saved to? Never had this before, any ideas would be great!
  3. I've also looked on the FTP and have had no luck, its weird how LaunchBox pulls it from EmuMovies but on the actuall site I cannot find them to save my life
  4. Hi, sorry if this is in the wrong place, When I use LaunchBox I only download EmuMovies artwork/videos and it always pulls me Clear Logos for each games title, but for some reason i cannot find them anywhere to download on this site. the only reason I ask is because I am now playing about with HyperSpin. Thank you for any help Joe
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