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  1. Old thread, but hey. I haven't been using my account for a while and was always planning on upgrading to a lifetime membership. So my sub went out in september and I forgot to do it in time. Does this mean I have to pay 60$ or is there still any way to upgrade from my expired yearly sub to a lifetime membership?
  2. No. I haven't heard through all of them by far. I would say around 5% of them are bad.
  3. Hey Sorry in advance if this is the wrong place to put this, but I've been working on my Launchbox Commodore 64 library lately and I have uncovered quite a lot of problems with the music that's scraped from the database at EmuMovies. A lot of games have mp3 tracks with a terrible noise from start to end. I checked if it could be a problem with Launchbox, but when I download the whole set from here the old way, it's obvious that the fault is in the original file. Examples on bad files: Addicta Ball (Europe).mp3 Arctic Shipwreck (USA).mp3 Chickin Chase.mp3 Chinese Juggler.mp3 Dunno what to do with it really, but I think we should try to get rid of as many as we can of these files.
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