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  1. Thanks. I will get rid of them. Follow-up question then -- why even include these video stubs in the packs? It is silly. Wouldn't it make more sense to just have videos only for playable games? I can't imagine anyone wants their cabinet to display a "game not playable" video. astrouga
  2. I have several videos in my collections that simply display "This game is not playable" and I am trying to interpret this correctly. It seems possible that a newer version of an emulator might add support for a rom (otherwise why have the rom in my collection in the first place?). In that case, a game might be playable but just have an outdated video. I am still building my system, so I have not been able to test all of these games that have this video yet. I just figured I would remove all videos and roms from my list that display this message. astrouga
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