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  1. So whats the crack with all this spam **** thats flooding the place? Some people need to get a life and get laid! Admin can something be done coz its killing the place for me :(
  2. Ime really digging the antique look. Very cool
  3. Looking good dude! Though u prob wanted to stain the wood before fitting all your sticks etc lol Also are you going to cut out the marquee to put a nice light up one in there?
  4. Sorry about the delay mate. Ok I have checked all the games u listed above and can confirm with some tinkering they all work ok with the spin trak. Also tried WEC le mans, wheel runner, winding heat, chequered flag and indy heat all worked fine also.
  5. Well theres rather alot of them but ile try some tomorow if i remember lol
  6. Ide have to get back to you on that i cant remember lol Are there any specifics you would like me to check?
  7. Ive used the spin traks with a few games without probs. But the games need setting up on a individual basis. I also brought a USB foot pedal switch that acts as a keyboard. I use that for racing games and time crisis :) Then it just tucks underneath when not in use. The spin traks wont work for all racing games though.
  8. Cant be Denied, Lara Croft is hot! If only she were real...
  9. Nice front end, I take it that it takes alot of effort to customise it though? What is it like on system requirements? Looks like it could be heavy! Out of interest what is that Zombie game? Never heard of that one but it looks like it could be fun! Cheers Austin, Love watching your vids :p
  10. 2nd greatest.... Perfect Dark was better :p Though I admit it does look very cool and the online multiplayer is awesome it would be nice to of got the Single player campaign back in there to!
  11. My only comment is if you are having 8 buttons i would go 2 rows of 4. 1) because you will find it easier and more comfortable to play. 2) better matches layouts for things like Neo Geo. Also you wont have that bigger gap between you p1 and p2 on a 2ft cab. My cp is 2ft and although 2 people can play it easy you are close together.
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