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  1. I've seen clrmamepro mentioned a few times here and there during info gathering. I haven't gone further on the matter yet. I guess it's about time I do. Thanks.
  2. Yes I am using the Good roms. I have never heard of the no-intro roms. But then again I am only 2 weeks into the emu world and I am assimilating the info as I get it. Thanks for the heads up. BTW like the new site colors! The no-intro sets seem to be very hard to find. Oh well. I will keep trying. But if I can't find them, that brings me back to my original question....
  3. When I have the choice of both roms, which should i choose? One is a perfect dump, the other a fixed dump. Fixed to work better with emulators (or flashcarts). Which emulator? The one the "fixer" used? Or it is better for all emulators? Bottom line, which should I choose? Paskoe.
  4. Hello Everyone I am new to the emulation world and I am still learning the ropes. I am quite thrilled to be here. I was amazed when I found this site! Great work to all who work and help out! Paskoe.
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