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      The Download all feature is back online for Advanced Members and above, this is a new version of the feature and there are bugs.   The system was offline over the weekend but is now back online.  Please submit a Member Support Ticket if you experiences problems.  Note, there may be a delay on responses due to the time it takes to address bugs with this new system.


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  1. Best emulator for each system?

    Retroarch is perfect for all systems!!!
  2. New Users - Introduce Yourselves

    Hello! My name is Evgeny, I'm 25+ years old and I love retro consoles. But I don't want to buy consoles, cause they are very pricely for me. I'm using emulators and happy with this =)
  3. (Content Updates)MAME Videos Updated

    Want to download and use that snaps for my collection
  4. Wii U Video Snaps

    Can I run use this videos with emulator on RPi3 ? Or its only for PC?
  5. So what will do with this problem?