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  1. Hi, Sometimes when I launch Emumovies Sync a message appears saying there are updates for some systems. Normally I accept this message, because I want only know what systems are updated on Emumovies. The problem is I have some systems that I deleted from my launcher, but still appearing here for update. Is there any option to delete systems from this configuration? Another question is: Has Emumovies Sync any configuration file? Where? Thanks in advance!!!
  2. OMG!!!! Sorry, i don't know it!!! It's relly cool!!! Thanks Circo and Tom for your great job!!!!
  3. Ok, i understand!! I think it could be cool if you can combine your work with Tom Spiers (GameEx). I'm using GameEx for years and think the best result could be downloading media inside frontend only for missing media. I know this project will be possible in a near future and will be the best solution for our emulators. GameEx + Emumovies Thanks another time for your work!!!!
  4. First of all THANKS CIRCO FOR THAT INCREDIBLE TOOL!!! Only one question: It's possible only download the missing media not all media? I.E.: If i have a snap folder for NES system, and have some snaps there, it's possible to download ONLY the missing snaps acording to my NES roms? At the moment i'm trying the 0.4 version and it works fine for me in windows 7. (Excuse my english)
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