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  1. Totally forgot to mention Wheatley from Portal 2 !
  2. Not an easy choice but probably Guybrush Threepwood the mighty pirate
  3. Love the transition between each game, well done !
  4. I don't know wich arcade I played the most but it's one of those 3 (4) without a doubt : Street Fighter II (and prime), Sega Rally 1 and 2, and Bust-a-Move ! Wish I knew how much money I spent on each :)
  5. Mostly nostalgia as everyone else but also because I've never been much of an "laborer" (not sure of the word) So I really want to build something on my own, whatever time it will take me. I guess the feeling will be a lot better than just buying it. Moreover you can find a lot of useful videos, plans, etc on how to build you own cabinet/bartop
  6. Listening to "New World Shadows" right now ! And Gojira released another teaser !
  7. I remember doing that a few weeks ago actually, and it was good indeed, I don't know why I haven't checked their other stuff yet since it's the kind of Metal I like a lot.
  8. I wouldn't say I'm a fan since I don't listen to them that much actually, but I have seen them live many times and enjoyed them so much each time, they have one of the best live sound in my opinion. So yeah, very excited about this new album but only a small teaser for now :
  9. \m/ \m/ ps : yes that's all I have to say...Oh wait maybe not...I CAN'T WAIT FOR GOJIRA'S NEXT ALBUM !!!!! Now that's it... :p
  10. I too wish to find something like that. Maybe this site will help you : http://www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/best-emulators/
  11. So Yeah, I basically spent my whole week-end with you, another few hours yesterday and today. I guess I owe you at least a big thank you for helping me discovering/setting up/etc HyperSpin and such ! Not mentioning it also helps me to practise my English ! Anyway, trumpets for you ! ;)
  12. Hello, I'm from France, I'm and Amiga lover in the first place but I like all things retro in general and my new goal, like many people here I guess, is to build an Arcade gaming station with all the retro stuff.
  13. As a few people above I'm very new to this so I'm giving a try to HyperSpin and Launchbox (much simpler than HyperSpin indeed) at the moment. Seems like I'll have to give a try to GameEx next then hopefully make my choice between those 3.
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