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  1. As I told you, there's no more need to manage scripts by yourself! (The scripts are still on the website for previous versions users!) Are you using the latest mGalaxy version? I'm using Stella without any problem thanks to the extreme simplicity of mGalaxy! (understand: I didn't had to bother about scripts)
  2. aaronfire, You should ask support on the mGalaxy forum...this is the natural place to get support and the forum is full of nice and helpful guys, you should have your problem quickly addressed there! http://www.mgalaxy.com/forum/ I'm using this wonderful frontend too and what I can say to you is that there's no more need to manage scripts by yourself anymore, mGalaxy does it by itself...so your problem is elsewhere! (Can't help you further cause I don't use Mess)
  3. On mGalaxy this is managed by mGalaxy itself, you don't need to worry about it (don't know for the other frontend)
  4. Thanks!!! This serie is a very good idea! Can't wait to read about mGalaxy (as I'willing to pass from LB to mGalaxy)
  5. mGalaxy is by far the easiest frontend to get working! I left from hyperspin and have never looked back! I love its style too..it looks sooo nice of my TV! Thank you mGalaxy for such a good work!!
  6. Hi, I'm wondering which emumovies systems I must look for to download screenshots for these emulators. Would you please help?: - Final Burn Alpha - Nebula - psxMame - Raine - WinKawaks Thank you very much!
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