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  1. Yeah it needs to play mp4 :/
  2. Ah it doesn't work with Windows 10 - I selected a Video folder (G:\HyperSpin\Media\Nintendo Entertainment System\Video) and it said no pictures found. I'm wondering if there's an easier way to do this with AutoHotkey. I'm not a scripter but using A_TimeIdle might be a solution.
  3. That's for photos though, I was asking about videos.
  4. Thanks Mallex. There are plenty of open-source screensaver apps, even a lot of "build-your-own" ones, but they mainly focus on pictures. One that focuses on EmuMovies mp4s would be pretty cool. ;)
  5. Hey all, does anyone know I can get the videos I have to randomly play as a screensaver? Randomly choosing a file under my Media folder (including subdirectories) would be really cool for my cab.
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