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  1. My God ! Reading this topic, I've been able to find a picture of the first video game console I've ever had in my hands and played with. It was Pong and some other games like Soccer (look the same as Pong, but with 4 lines to catch the ball instead of 2), and other games I can't even remember. Was in the 70s... Feeling old... But thanks to my dad who was already aware of all that in those years, and who put a ZX81 in my hands while I was 10 (guess how old I am now ) and gave me the "virus". 35 years later, I'm working in computers...
  2. Hoagie from Day of the Tentacle (best video game EVER !)
  3. So awesome that you deserve my money. Bang ! Lifetime support member !
  4. Just registered at Hyperspin, and discovered the work that has been done here. So here I am, registered, and wanting to say thank you to all the guys around working for the community. Your work is awesome !
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