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  1. Awesome! I'm sure that kbriggs would love your help. Thanks for the head's up, I'll give that software a try after I do my civic duties tomorrow :)
  2. I completely understand. Well, I've come across a few possibilities for editing software to use- the one you had mentioned is no longer available. I just need to get some general basics of learning how and when to start and stop videos and that will be fine. To start off, I'll do some of the lesser used letter such as U and V and provided that goes well, I'll definitely be on board to offer my services.
  3. Well I would certainly like to help, but mccorkled does have a good point. I would certainly do my best, but I wouldn't want to damper what you got going on- especially being that you've already come so far. kbriggs346 let me know if you want me to step in and I'll do my best.
  4. Hey kbriggs346, thank you for all your hard work. I'd be willing to help out. I understand you've been grabbing these snaps from youtube. Have you just been converting them to .mp4 or are you also doing a bit of editing. Let me know what steps your taking and I would be glad to help out. Cheers.
  5. This is spectacular, just added it my HyperSpin and will be using it for LaunchBox as well. Thank you!
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