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  1. Same for me. Justy made a post about it in general >.< Just renewed my memebership as well, lol.
  2. Hi all, A have a an issue where lauchbox cannot log into EmuMovies. I can log into the website just fine. the chain of events were these : 1. Fresh install launchbox 2. Logged into EmuMovies fine this time 3. Started importing, but was throwing up loads of errors regarding how it couldnt import 4. Reliased my Emu Subscription had expired 5. Renewed Emu subscription 6. Started the process again but this time when i got to the bit to put Emu credentails in it just will not log in. Does Emu maintain a blacklist of sorts? Maybe becuase i tried importing without a valid sub? I dont know. Anyone else had these issues or can offer any adivce? Thank you
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