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  1. Love the defender cab, top work. The reason I am thinking of something else than the Vewlix is I am chasing the difficult ask of making an all-in-one cab. I want something that will be 2P, have trackball and spinner and also light guns, so the Vewlix is out simply because I need something good for standing up. I don't really have the room for 2 cabs so I need to make do with one, still looking at different plans etc.
  2. Yes thanks to Circo and all the contributers, truly a great little community
  3. Earliest I can remember would be either Pong at a childhood friend's house or Space Invaders in the arcade, during the early eighties when I around 7 or 8, might have been others before that but that's the earliest I remember.
  4. Thanks Talbin, I will keep it in mind, so much planning still to go, still have to decide on cab, was originally going to be a Vewlix clone but looking at stand ups now.
  5. Ha, it was my gf that mentioned it to me, she said she used to love playing Time Crisis, so, light guns are in
  6. I am doing lots of research. I am still not 100% sold on a Vewlix, I wouldn't mind adding spinners, a trackball and maybe some light guns, which would look out of place on a Vewlix, decisions
  7. So I made the move from using RA's 2014 MAME core to using straight MAME (latest version), results are much better, thanks
  8. Thanks I needed to hear that , I really don't want to spend so much money on a screen unless it's necessary. Can always upgrade in a few years if need be for a much more affordable price. And I will start a thread with pics once I make a real start sometime in the next few weeks.
  9. What an awesome little setup, great job
  10. I am in the process of planning a vewlix clone build. It will be a 2P cabinet and I have decided to go with a 32" screen. Because of space constraints and potential regular moving a CRT is out and I will be using a LCD. This cab will be primarily used for mame and PC fighting games (e.g. SF, MK etc). Reading around a number of people have suggested to use a 4K screen to make the most of HLSL shaders and also one with G-sync or Freesync. Now I am not made of money and there are only 2 options that fit those features, where I live there is a Samsung (for around $1300AUD) otherwise I would need to import an Acer Predator (about $2000). Now I really don't want to spend that much money. My other and probably more sensible option is to buy a Sony LCD HDTV (around $550 new, cheaper second hand) which reportedly has pretty low input lag/response time. Taking into consideration, that money is a consideration here, i the last option the best? What are the pro's/con's of going with a 32" LCD HDTV?
  11. Thanks, I think I might just do that, save me having to delete non-working games
  12. That looks really nice, I wouldn't mind building one after I do my vewlix cab, but first I think I should build a bar for it
  13. Seems like a lot of love for Hyperspin and I am beginning to see why , I think I need to side load it with Launchbox and give it a good testing
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