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  1. Thanks. I might start making some of these once I get my rig up and running properly. Is there a way to book mark this thread for easy reference later?
  2. Seems actual 'packs' would be way more convenient. Just my two cents.
  3. Nifty little rig. Does it run on a Pi? (It's so small! )
  4. I'm new, and I'm in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I bring the games to the people here with a dozen arcade machines on-site around town.
  5. Hi guys. Richard here, new member. I run a local hobby-business on the east coast of Canada that restores and rents arcade machines - got about a dozen of them now, 8 on location. I recently acquired an older desktop, and am building a personal rig running Hyperspin with Mame and RetroArch. It's got lighted buttons, fight sticks, and is built into a cool old cabinet. I'm currently nabbing the last few MAME videos I need, and setting up my KADE USB Control Boards to map buttons. Hoping to have it altogether and built in the next week.
  6. I'm setting up a Hyperspin FE with RetroArch and MAME. It's going into a cabinet for personal use - going to be so cool when finished. Just flushing up my videos now, and setting up 2 KADE control boards to facilitate all the lighted buttons and joysticks...
  7. Thanks for dropping by. I just joined myself and am glad to see you here. Love your videos... even with all the waffling on.
  8. I'm also new here, and have decided on HyperSpin. Thanks to Simply Austin for all the tutorial videos. I was able to follow most of them, and figure out the differences for a 32-bit system on my own. Ever think of doing some 32-bit vids? I know everything is going 64-bit nowadays, but the cpu I'm using for my cabinet will be used only for emulation - so it's a bit older (2008/Vista). Still works like a charm though! -Rich
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