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  1. FloppyKnob

    PS2 SQ movies issue

    I think the PS2 set is just a bit outdated. When the videos were initially recorded it's likely that those games didn't load, but over time emulation has improved and now some of them probably run just fine. There's a few games in my library that are the same, and I plan on recording and uploading working videos myself.
  2. FloppyKnob

    What Frontend Do YOU Use?

    Another LaunchBox user here. It was simple to set up, and BigBox is a nice way to play games on the big screen.
  3. FloppyKnob

    The First Video Game I Ever Played Was...

    Damn, you guys got an early start. My first console was a PSX, and the first game I ever played on it was Rayman. Still haven't beat it to this day.
  4. I think as a basic member at EmuMovies you can only download artwork? You need to be a paying supporter here to download videos.
  5. Zipped if the emulator supports it. WBFS for Wii games, gzip for PS2 games, cso for PSP games, gcz for GCN games, etc.
  6. FloppyKnob

    Favorite Controller

    I use a Wiimote for Wii, a GameCube controller for GCN/N64, and then a DS4 or Wii U Pro Controller for everything else.