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  1. Tumblestone (USA).mp4 Taiko_no_Tatsujin_-_Tokumori!_(Japan).mp4
  2. Terraria (USA).mp4 Shin_Hokuto_Musou_(Japan).mp4 Taiko_no_Tatsujin_-_Wii_U_Version_(Japan).mp4
  3. Yo-Kai_Watch_Dance_-_Just_Dance_Special_Version_(Japan).mp4 F1_Race_Stars_-_Powered_Up_Edition_(Japan).mp4 Fujiko_F._Fujio_Characters_Daishuugou!_SF_Dotabata_Party!_(Japan).mp4 Just_Dance_Wii_U_(Japan).mp4 Kamen_Rider_-_Battride_War_II_(Japan).mp4 Kamen_Rider_-_SummonRide_(Japan).mp4 LEGO_Star_Wars_-_The_Force_Awakens_(USA).mp4
  4. Ya that would be cool. Does it meet the criteria.
  5. Ryu_ga_Gotoku_1_&_2_HD_for_Wii_U_(Japan).mp4 Ryu_ga_Gotoku_2_HD_for_Wii_U_(Japan).mp4 Paper_Mario_Color_Splash_(USA).mp4 Ryu_ga_Gotoku_1_HD_for_Wii_U_(Japan).mp4
  6. Fast_Racing_NEO_(USA).mp4
  7. Tokyo_Mirage_Sessions__FE_(Europe).mp4
  8. There is already one created head over to hyperspin and check in the Platinum area there is an animated them that has a video included.
  9. Thanks.....I did find a second version of the XML that includes the Japanese titles an makes a few video changes. I will be adding them eventually but not sure when. I think there was about 13 different titles from what I remember.
  10. Zelda Breath of the Wild (USA).mp4
  11. that takes care of all the videos on the xml... i will try to include the Japanese titles as well. Let me know if i missed any on the xml
  12. ZombiU (USA).mp4 Zumba Fitness World Party (USA).mp4
  13. Yoshi's Woolly World (USA).mp4 Your Shape - Fitness Evolved 2013 (USA).mp4
  14. Xenoblade Chronicles X (USA).mp4
  15. Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper (USA).mp4 Wheel of Fortune (USA).mp4 Watch Dogs (USA).mp4 Wipeout - Create & Crash (USA).mp4 Wii Party U (USA).mp4 Wonderful 101, The (USA).mp4 Wipeout 3 (USA).mp4 Wii Sports Club (USA).mp4 Walking Dead, The - Survival Instinct (USA).mp4 Wheel of Fortune (USA).mp4 Wii Fit U (USA).mp4 Wii Fit U (USA).mp4 Wii Party U (USA).mp4 Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper (USA).mp4 Watch Dogs (USA).mp4