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  1. Thanks! I grew up in the 80's, and the C64 was my first home computer. I was hooked from the moment I saw one in Sears :)
  2. Looks like I need to add GameEx to my "things to check out" list!
  3. I try to turn it off as well. I know I don't generate much ad revenue, but every little bit helps!
  4. I actually remember seeing "PONG" in all it's black and white glory. First spotted at the bowling alley in my town
  5. Better to be long winded that too brief!
  6. My plan is to get the Tankstick for the HTPC, and build my own CP when I do an "official" cabinet for the Arcade stuff.
  7. She would have to be my #2. #1 is taken by my wife! (in case you're looking babe... )
  8. Sounds like it's worth a try, thanks!
  9. Thanks to Austin, I've become a little more proficient at HyperSpin. I guess all the flexibility, power and customization comes at the price of being complicated/complex. I'm hoping to have some time over the next couple of weeks to configure Launchbox and see how all the bits play together. I've been thinking of buying an X-Arcade Tankstick, which comes with a free copy of Maximus Arcade. Guess I'll try to give that one a look as well
  10. Talbin - I don't ask this because I doubt you, I'm asking to educate myself: Is there a game/instance where this difference is easily noticeable?
  11. I've been reading on light guns as well. Oddly enough, it was my wife who mentioned she loved playing the shooting games back in the day! Sometimes you just get lucky
  12. Nice looking piece! The wiring for the control panel looks daunting, but I keep telling myself that it'll be easy - 1 step at a time...
  13. Great info - Thanks for the reminder Circo!
  14. Maybe all these build threads will help me finally do my OWN build
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