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  1. The images that sync pulls DO work, for most part, but if the intention is for EMSync to create ease for Launchbox users, it's broken as all hell. Most of the folders can just be renamed to get the images to show. Lb found Aladdin box art for a Europe SMS rom, regardless of if the file was called Aladdin, Aladdin (Europe), or Aladdin (USA), i don't think it's gonna matter that most of the other files don't follow the lb file names. I am fairly new to using launchbox or any frontend for that matter and i've never kept a full rom collection til now, so i'm not sure of the variable setups out there, but for a simple launchbox setup, one in which you mostly intend to keep everything in 3D box view, Advanced Renamer will solve most of the issues still for some reason not fixed here. Banner seems to be one of the only folders that doesn't need a rename 'Advert' becomes 'Advertisement Flyer - Front' 'Background' becomes 'Fanart - Background' Box, Box - Front Box_3D, Box - 3D BoxBack, Box - Back Cart, Cart - Front Cart_3D, Cart - 3D Logos, Clear Logo Marquee, Arcade - Marquee Snap, Screenshot - Gameplay Title, Screenshot - Game Title System_Logo, probably usable in another folder? Box_Full, no use that i could find Box_Spine, handy for games without banners or marquees maybe? CartTop, depending on cart there might be a use for these, i mean the Sega Master Systems are godawful so probably not in their case. CD, Disc, each console differs, and to state how bad it is, PlayStation 1 games are in a Discs folder, PlayStation 2 games are in a CD folder, sister consoles, like this isn't even just a launchbox issue.. maybe bundle advanced renamer with this program, and give a warning that its not made to support something as old as Launchbox..
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