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  1. lordmonkus

    retro arch shaders

    I have zero experience using VA panels but I would just say like I always say to everyone, play around with what is available and see which one you prefer and looks best on a specific display.
  2. lordmonkus

    Launchbox auto import

    If they are downloaded through Launchbox and its scraping process yes.
  3. lordmonkus

    RetroArch Vs. RocketLAuncher - Pros and Cons?

    I suggest Aperture, Easymode-Halation or Kurozumi-Royale. Those are the 3 best to me and I often swap between them depending on my mood. Kurozumi can be heavier on the GPU and requires you have integer scaling on to prevent spacing weirdness. Aperture is very light on the GPU but looks very good and is a thicker scanline. Easymode-Halation is somewhere in the middle in performance but looks a bit more natural to a TV than a PVM like the other 2 are. Easymode-Halation also doesn't darken the image as much.
  4. lordmonkus

    retro arch shaders

    off the top of my head, CRT-Geom and CRT-Lottes do.
  5. Launchbox: Host platform support (where it runs on). - Windows 7 or newer Emulators supported. - All Style. (desktop GUI, cabinet friendly, HTPC style etc.) - Desktop, Cabinet and HTPC Support for video snaps. - Yes Support for other non-AV media (like PDF). - Yes Filtering/sorting/grouping type (presets, customizable etc.). - Yes, favourites, sort by meta data fields and playlists Ambient sound and/or attract mode. - Attract mode Media playback and HTPC features (CD/DVD, photos, videos, TV, web etc.). - Yes with a media player setup as an "emulator" or a plugin Configuration type (manual text config, separate config app, embedded config section etc.). - All done in the UI or text if you really want to do so. First release date. - August 26, 2013 Latest release date. (last update) - May 26, 2017 (latest official) updated regularly and often Unique features. - Ease of use, own database for media and metadata scraping, user created plugin support, DOSBox built in Link to it. - https://www.launchbox-app.com/
  6. lordmonkus

    Best emulator for each system?

    There is now an Atari800 core which includes support for the 5200. There is some setup required of course but it works very well. H.E.R.O. plays so good on it with a proper digital controller, so responsive and 2 buttons :)
  7. lordmonkus

    What Frontend Do YOU Use?

    This is what drew me to Launchbox. It's easy to get the basics up and running like box art and screenshots and easy to import your games assigned to the appropriate emulators. Then from there you can get more fancy and complicated as you feel more comfortable with it. The only way it could be made more easy would be to include the emulators with the program but that would go against many if not all emulator licenses because of Launchbox's commercial non open source status.
  8. You can use the same art in Launchbox and you do not need to duplicate your art folders. In Launchbox simply edit each platform and in there you can set the paths to each art type folder to your Hyperspin art.
  9. lordmonkus

    HyperSpin - why insist on it?

    That's cool to hear that RetroFE is easy to setup and to be fair I have not tried it and I have no intention of it but who knows what the future holds :) There is certainly plenty of room for multiple front ends because as good as Launchbox is it is not for everyone for a couple of major reasons. One, it is a paid program to get all the features and two, it can be a bit of a system resource hog. I hope my post didn't come off as a Launchbox vs other front ends because that was not my intention. I only intended to point out that ease of use for the end user especially for those new to emulation and front ends is a big deal and it's part of the reason that Launchbox right now has so many users willing to pay for that convenience.
  10. lordmonkus

    retro arch shaders

  11. lordmonkus

    HyperSpin - why insist on it?

    Just some friendly advice to the devs of HyperSpin and RetroFE. Make setup of emulators and rom management easy and your frontend will be plenty successful. This is pretty much the sole reason Launchbox has so many users now. With little to no frontend experience a user can have their games with art work up and running in 5 to 10 minutes
  12. lordmonkus

    why dont i see AttractMode anywere?

    AttractMode is a front end and pretty good for a very streamlined set in stone setup on lower end hardware. Managing a games collection with it is a pain in the ass though so you don't want to be adding and removing games, that is why I said if your game selection is set in stone.
  13. lordmonkus

    EmuMovies Front End Poll '16

    In BigBox mode go into the options and look for the controller automation section, in there you can set a button combo to exit the emulator to go back to BigBox.
  14. lordmonkus

    retro arch shaders

    Shaders are such big and subjective topic. There are a lot of different shaders to choose from and what one you use will depend on what kind of look you want, your display type and system specs. Any shader will technically work with any core but depending on the type of game it will look better or worse. A shader that looks great with a 2D sprite based 16-bit game will probably look awful with a 3D polygonal 32-bit game. A high end CRT shader such as Royale or the Kurozumi edit of Royale looks really nice on TVs and monitors greater than 1080p but on 1080 or less it may not look the way it was intended due to lower pixel density. Another CRT shader such as Easymode-Halation looks really nice on a TN panel but on an IPS panel it may look really bloomed out. You also may not like the CRT scanline look and maybe you want the smoothed out modern look that XBR shaders provide but those types of shaders look best on "cartoonish" and "stylized" games like a Mario or Zelda game. But games with a more "realistic" and "detailed" look such as Final Fantasy III those smoothing shaders don't look so good. Then there is performance hit, while emulators are CPU driven shaders are GPU driven and a heavy shader such as Royale or Kurozumi you will need a decent GPU. An on board Intel video chip will not be able to handle those shaders at all and you will need to look for a lighter shader such as CRT-Pi or Hylian.
  15. lordmonkus

    EmuMovies Front End Poll '16

    Launchbox works just fine with a controller but you do need the premium version to get the best results.