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  1. Hope your doing better looking forward to seeing the completed project
  2. Welcome to the obsession..... I mean hobby
  3. For me its nostalgia. although I'm considering building a free standing arcade control panel with the TV mounted to the wall. this will allow me to upgrade to a larger TV when I have more money to spend on the TV. I could also then wheel it out of the way If I just wanted to use it as a TV.
  4. Wish I had space in my house for a cabinet like this
  5. If you want to get both. sign up for hyperspin platinum first as. you can get a code for 25% off of your membership here
  6. The one on the left might look cool with buttons with light up bezels.
  7. At least it was a game pad and not a joystick
  8. Arcade games for me would probably be Killer instinct as it was out at the time I was working at an arcade and could play for free. for console games it would probably be one of the Final Fantasy games on the PS1 or PS2
  9. I hope to be active however my family keeps me pretty busy
  10. For me it was either Frogger or worms on the Atari 800, or possibly Oregon Trail on an Apple ][ at school
  11. Just wanted to say your videos have helped me immensely.
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