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  1. I tend to leave the resolution and keep them as close to the original as possible, I don't like the stretched look personally
  2. I use Demul and NullDC, both good emu's
  3. If it wasn't for these tutorials I wouldn't be able to play all my favourite games, I'm always looking forward to the next one...keep them coming
  4. Another great tutorial, thanks Austin
  5. Great tutorial Brad, keep up the good work
  6. Both are great but it really depends on what your want from a FE, I use Launchbox as it's very user friendly and easy to customise
  7. Your completely right, for the price there charging for it they should really supply a controller with it otherwise it's unusable
  8. That's exactly why I love Launchbox and it gets better and better with every update
  9. Next GC that I order will be the 1080
  10. It's still early days for VR, I just hope that it doesn't become a gimmick as it's got some much potential
  11. Retro FE does look cool but I love Launchbox too much to switch
  12. I love the Bartop builds, when I make mine this is what I'll be aiming for
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