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  1. Thanks .. but I want some side art that really fits right into the shape (thinking of a tight Dragons Lair design). It's Ok, I'll just measure it up and make a drawing for the guy at Etsy.
  2. Hi everyone .. I want to order side art from etsy for my cab, but it's almost impossible to do the measurements (for me) with all the curves and everything. If I know which cabinet it is, I may be able to find the plans / measurements somewhere else. It says NEO GEO MVS on the side, but it's not an MVS cab, those don't have any curves to begin with. Side view :https://nl.picturepush.com/public/905054 Front view : https://www.pleasewaitloading.com/retro-weekend-reports/18-3ds-hacking-time Any help would be much appreciated! Axe
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