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  1. A few suggestions: Telling people to find a cracked version of the capture software is just sketchy, I'd remove that. Instead suggest some alternate capture software. People will seek out cracked versions on their own if they want to, no reason to encourage it. You mentioned to disable billinear filtering but you may also want to add disabling any shaders and run at native internal resolutions. Since you're advocating using RetroArch chances are a good amount of people are using shaders or increased internal res. Not sure why it's suggested to use them for Dolphin. I was under the impression game vids were recorded at native internal res and w/o any graphical enhancements. In terms of gameplay you mentioned avoiding menus and dialogue but it would be nice if it was specifically mentioned to not record gameplay of tutorial levels. A while back I was scrolling through my frontend checking out videos and a ton of them were people who fired up a new game, got through the intro cutscenes and started recording them wandering around tutorial sections. I don't think anyone wants to see that. There were also a bunch of videos where it seemed people were playing with their feet and what they recorded wasn't really representative of the core gameplay of said game. I'm not expecting to see highly skilled gameplay but some vids look like they put virtually no effort into the captures and were just trying to churn out a bunch of vids as quickly as possible. After my last look at them I planned on recording my own eventually but hopefully the newer ones will come out better than before and I won't have to, or at least cut down how many I would have to do.
  2. It looks like both the SQ and HQ sets are missing from the FTP.
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