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  1. Mines running OK now from the shortcut within the folder,thanks
  2. Tried it this morning and seems to run fine from the short cut,not added roms or linked it with rocket launcher yet but the FE itself is running well
  3. Just downloaded this myself via the ftp,and it's doing same to me!,no time now will have a look tomorrow
  4. is your anti virus program blocking the process,by which i mean the .exe for RetroFe?
  5. Kicking ass in our weekly SF2 comp......as usual haha

  6. True that,it ultimately Sega got this genre hands down I'm sure you'll agree lol
  7. Operation wolf is a classic,I like the gun operated games too,point blank for example was addictive and fun,house of the dead by far my favourite though....can't beat the Sega classics!
  8. mines in its box,always keep everything thats my motto proper hoarder lol much to my wifes dismay hahaha
  9. cool..........my ps3 is gathering dust at min lol shame really...........makes a good bookend though! the mrs only lets me have a couple of my consoles set up at any time......thinks im too old for gaming lol
  10. haha paddy power! what system do you play it on???
  11. i played MKI yesterday with a mate he got a bit arsey after the 12th time i pulled out his spine with sub zero and went home.........................sore loser lol
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