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  1. I also checked the Mala forum and came across this thread. http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php?topic=95699.0 Ran them through the Prism video converter and they're all running fine now. Thanks for all the help.
  2. It looks like lots of the vids crash Mala for me, so far Krull and the playchoice games for sure. I've no problem signing up for FTP if the vids are more likely to work with my set up but if it's a problem at my end I'd like to try figure out what's happening first? For what it's worth I now have direct 3d back, just had to crash it completely then go back to an earlier restore point, this thing is a deck of cards outdoors on a windy day lol.
  3. I downloaded them via the torrent so they are all SQ I think. Are these older versions?
  4. Thanks that was the problem, I probably didn't have the videos option ticked before when I tried placing a few vids in the top folder. Any idea why a video might make Mala crash? Mala crashes when I scroll onto Kamikaze, game works fine in Mame, video looks ok in the wmp but if I scroll onto it in Mala it shows about half a second of the vid then crashes. Kangaroo vid also doesnt play in Mala but works in wmp but it doesnt crash Mala? (Dont worry I wont post every vid that doesn't work, just trying to get an idea if these are normal or if I still dont have things set up right) I swear the more I try to fix bugs in my set up the more unstable I make it I've also lost direct 3d now for no good reason i can see.
  5. No mame option in 'other emus', tried creating one but didnt work but I have changed something in settings because now if it's in the main folder (now videos ) it works but its not find anything else. Looks like I'll just have to combine them all into one folder. Thanks
  6. Hey Circo, thanks for the quick response. All the vids were extracted into a AVI folder which is where I've left them, just wondering if they needed to be taken out of the sub folders and all placed in one or if Mala will serach the sub folders. I have tried putting a couple in a seperate folder and linking to that but nothing showed. The show video is ticked and I've linked to the folder via the attract video option in Mala.
  7. Hey all, sorry this will be the usual newbie questions. I've downloaded the videos (and xvid) no problems and the videos work fine with WMP but I can't get them to show in Mala? So like I said I use Mala with a layout called Plasma (from the Mala website) and I've tried linking the folder with all the vdieos (AVI) as snaps, atract videos, definables nothing works. I also tried using a different Layout (v549e) which mentioned it was designed for videos and still cant get anything to show. Do I need to put all the videos in the same file or rename it to something else? I tried moving a video into the snap folder and also renaming the main folder as 'snap' still couldnt get anything. Are there any other settings in Mala I might be missing? Any help would be great, thanks. Btw thanks for all the work put into the site and videos, they're a great way to finish off a cab .
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