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  1. you are right, sorry, last update on 6 of june 2018, total 16GB. Thanks!
  2. another question: is it available a full set video in HQ for the fullset MAME games? if so, which is its dimension in GB? Do you confirm that all the MAME videos are stored in these 11 pack: https://emumovies.com/files/category/1662-game-videos/ And thei HQ version are in this path in your FTP: /Official/Video Snaps (HQ)/MAME (Video Snaps)(HQ)(EM 20161025) Is it correct? Does it means that MAME videos are updated until October 2016?
  3. ah perfect so i can use launchbox directly in order to download video HQ quality and games manuals! perfect! And all the other extra files like snapshot, artwork, backgrounds like in this video at minute 3:00 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TudTxTlI5SI&t=206s Every game has its own animated background! Really cool!
  4. Hi guys, 3 year ago i bought a Lifetime Subscription. But i have't used it yet. Now, I'm dowloading the Launchbox frontend. How can I use my LifeTime SUbscription to Emumovies in order to download the HQ videos? Can I download them directly from Launchbox? Or is it necessary to download the extra HQ video from this website? Can you help me please? thank you!
  5. Hi Circo, now I'm platinum member on Hyperspin, if I want the discount code, I can user this one http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?25316-Emumovies-code, is it correct? In this way, using Hypersync, automatically I will download the video in HQ form my romlist for every system, am i right? thanks
  6. Hi, thanks So, now if I buy first the lifgetime subscription to hyperspin-fe, then I will receive a coupon for the discount to emu-movies?
  7. thanks, if I became a platinum member (45$) to Hyperspin, I will have available the coupon for 25% off of emumovies, is it correct? So, is it normal that now if I click on the link for coupon code, it appears a page that reports that I have not privileges (I aren't yet platinum member of Hyperspin)? Can you confirm that this offer is still valid? thanks
  8. Hi, I have another question: I have read that if I buy a Platinum subscription to Hyperspin-fe, I will have a special discount for a subscription to emumovies? Is it right? If so, which is the discount? thanks!
  9. Another question: which is the extension format of HQ video? Are they .mp4 video? thank you
  10. Hi, I'm new on this great forum and I would like to know some informations, please 1) I need a payment subscription in order to download HQ movies? If so, are they available for every games (or for the most famous games) of every emulator? 2) is it possible to see what kind of HQ videos are available before to decide to subscribe? I need to know if videos I need are available 3) which is the subscription cost and limits? thank you!
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