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  1. thank you but they dont seem to be helping either. with being isolated due to the covid pandemic you would think more people wold be doing hobby stuff.
  2. I know this is not Hyperspin. Hyperspin has been down for days and nobody seems to notice so i desperately need help. I have downloaded all the MP4 theme files from the FTP server. I have no idea where to place them in my hyperspin directory and what settings to change in order to make them work. I am using the old method of placing Artwork 1,2,3,4 background, theme xml in a zip file and placing them in the theme folder. The problem is that i have too many games to be doing this all day everyday. I have to rename all the files and zip them then test them to make sure it working. I would rather just copy and paste all the MP4 files i paid for and downloaded. I also dont have all the files i need for some of the new games i have put into my cab. With hyperspin down i cant even download the themes for the new games i put into my cab. But i do have them as a .MP4 file from the FTP server. my cab is just a MAME cab. no other consoles. please can someone help me, this is driving be batty!!! Thank you in advance! Cheers
  3. First off i want to say sorry if i have posted this in the wrong section. Second of all i would post this in the hyperspin forums but the website has been down for several days now. I have built a 4 player cab in 2008 on windows xp. This HD just died on me but i did save a back up. The problem now is that my current hyperspin didnt require rlauncher. So i started from scratch on windows 10. I have everything running nice i just cant get my hyperspin themes to work. My main concern is that when i launch hyperspin everything loads great. I have a demo video playing in my mame system. (this is just a mame cab now) as soon as i move the wheel to the next game the next video is just black. I scroll back to the previous game that was working the video is black on that one too now. Please someone help me. thank you in advance.
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