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  1. Version 20140317


    High Quality 480p Video Snaps Also Available Technical Specs Video Count: 101 Typical Duration: 35sec Video Codec: h.264 MP4 AVC Resolutions: 320x240 (SQ-240p) Frame Rates: 30 Audio Codec: AAC (mp4a) Channels: Stereo Bitrate: 128 kbs (var) Sample Rate: 48000 Hz Naming Convention: HyperBase/No-Intro
  2. Salut tout le monde, I'm french, and I created my cab ten years ago. I installed hyperspin since 2009 and emumovies was the next step. I just finished my set up, so now I take time to help as I can. I have time now, so I will learn english speaking too...
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