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  1. EmuMovies Front-End Poll 2016

    I know im a bit late but Hyperspin! Nothing is got what it brings really cant wait for Hyperspin 2.
  2. Well ya need both, if your using hyperspin. If not then just enumovies. Since Enu covers art and movies that can be used in lots of different front ends and ui's, where as hyperspins servises are made just for hyperspin. also the Enu's DSU will download artwork for all your roms matching them to what ever you have them named to for that front end, not need to fatmatch. I use both and like them both, I wish Enu had more things hyperspin related as wheel art, but i feel after using both servises that Emu seems to be very streamlined and user friendly. So with all that said if I had to pick one id pick Enu.
  3. ok i must be doing something wrong on my end, i sent in a ticket, thanks.
  4. I am still not ably to log into the FTP im assuming its still down? The DSU is working tho?