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  1. Pac-Man for me as far as coin-op. For consoles I used to play Combat with my cousins on Atari 2600. It was the pack in game. All we had for a bit. Later got Pitfall, Ms. Pac-man, Cosmic Ark and Frogger.
  2. Hello and Welcome. I'm new myself.
  3. Hi and welcome. I'm new here also, but love the site so far. I will check out your work.
  4. I'm having the same problem after joining today as well. Also have a ticket out so not to worry. You are not alone. Having said that I'm sure it will be resolved soon. Have a great one and don't be a sad panda
  5. Hi all, Really excited to be a paid member here. I have used emu for ages, but never set up a front end. I recently have done so can't wait to get snaps and stuff. Looking forward to my time here
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