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  1. Good project, i wait for more pics of it :)
  2. voted now :) Thanks, i dont see these topic before
  3. Attract mode is my best choise in Bartop (Raspberry can move it and it no need much machine) its great see to move. If you have a raspberry arcade based you need try it.
  4. I used in my bartop attract mode with rasberry pi2, when i see how a cheap hardware can move one thing with weels, videos, effects,like hiperspin i cant believe. Its the best alternative for emulationstation in raspberry and the best i think for hiperspin, but is really new and have very small amount of info.
  5. Alucard, and castlevania SotN, i love this game
  6. this site y really good, i see really wonderful projects and the app is very useful
  7. Great work, any new pics of it?
  8. Great mod titchgamer, if you want see Attract Mode, it works very good with retropie
  9. Congratulations, very nice machine :)
  10. First arcade game: Ghost´n Goblins First video game: Alex Kidd in Miracle World
  11. I want to feel again what's playing with an old friend to a beat em up and fight for chicken, while we are surrounded by enemies and our lifes in red ....;)
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