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  1. Nice man, what GPU you sporting. Im guessing youve upgraded since then? 2011? lol
  2. Building my Hyperspin Empire

  3. Is it worth building a bartop or is it best to go full bore?
  4. H.O.L.Y. S.*.*.T Awesome man, i spend daft money on the GTX 780 Titan like a fool when it came out. I'm jealous dude
  5. Just wanted to add so hopefully someone will have the answer i would love to get my C64 back up and running. Awesome machine
  6. Wow this brings back memories, always really difficult the Mortal Kombat's in the arcade. Good luck dude finding the art work
  7. Commodore 64, my family bought the light gun pack with Gangster, Batman, Army Days....goodtimes
  8. Max Payne, Solid Snake, Kingpin, John Mullins (Soldier Of Fortune, John could fully load a shotgun in 3 seconds) The voice of the over voice in Altered Beast "Rise From your grave" "Never Give Up) lol
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