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  1. View File Nintendo 64 2D Cartridge Pack Cleaned up 2D cartridge images for the Nintendo 64 Submitter Sub-Zero Submitted 10/25/2016 Category Artwork Resolution 400x268 Credits Sub-Zero Naming Convention No-Intro / HyperBase File Count 303  
  2. Version 1.0


    Cleaned up 2D cartridge images for the Nintendo 64
  3. Version 20151002


    Technical Specs Image Count: 392 File Format: PNG Resolution: 321x509
  4. You already got the 1.1 xml from me, actually think it's 1.2 now right?
  5. Yo dudes, i just minted the GB wheel and database to HB 1.1 we are missing 230 videos,
  6. Thanks for all the work guys....sorry for the request. it's my OCD
  7. Hey guys, not here that much but wanted to let you know that elevator actions video is cut off, its a horizontal game but cut off like vertical. also if one of you guys have the time. can you update MK II and UMK3 videos, MK II starts at the end of a fight, and UMK3 starts at one and moves over to another.......MY OCD!
  8. Hey Circ, now that i finishe Fix It Felix Jr. and the Donkey Kong Pauline Edition themes i want to request videos for them. thanks
  9. Thanks for all yoor work on this Circ, aprreciated
  10. thanks for this Cir!...and thanks for the videos money....awesome work guys
  11. Thats awesome news man, i have started a new HQ wheel set its not annouced but my ocd kicks in lately o need todo it
  12. Great man, thanks alot......i also forgot about it. now that i am adding all GC games i remembered it
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