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  1. looking forward to chech you work.. hope you can get it done, seems like a lot of work
  2. battletoads for nes and genesis, and double dragon 3 for nes
  3. i cant avoid to feel a little envy, nice cards
  4. the best is the dualshock 2, took the best of the dualshock 1 that was revolutionary, and got better
  5. this site is awesome and full of good content with no malware
  6. my favorite characters are link from zelda and akuma from street fighter, specal mention to jude law from tekken
  7. diablo 1, on line, countless nights, great game, the best rpg of his time, i have spend several hours to on diablo 3, its good but is not the same
  8. simpsons and tmnt on arcade, not much later i play Street fighter 2 for the first time, does whore the days
  9. Hi im Emiliano, im from Argentina, thanks for all the hard work and the superb quality of the content, im currentli using a tablet to play my old games and want to setup hyperspin
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