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  1. option 1 is the best for me
  2. looking forward to chech you work.. hope you can get it done, seems like a lot of work
  3. it look amazing and the guns are incredible!!
  4. battletoads for nes and genesis, and double dragon 3 for nes
  5. i cant avoid to feel a little envy, nice cards
  6. the best is the dualshock 2, took the best of the dualshock 1 that was revolutionary, and got better
  7. this site is awesome and full of good content with no malware
  8. mostly retroarch, demul, Taito Type X emulator and ppspp
  9. on pc for me the best is demul and for android reicast bat not the one from the store, the latest build fix a lot of problems, and always use gdi version converted to chd to save space
  10. on pc hyperspin, on android people shuld try gamesome, its on the store, its great and full compatible with retroarch
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