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    They are boxes made with exquisite taste, improved in detail, a luck to have them and a dream come true to show in the front end menu. And the same can be said of the American and Japanese ensembles made. For wanting something it would be a joy to have the customized boxes for the games of Megadrive mini, Darius and Tetris, this with the same logo but box somewhat different from the Japanese tetris since this version seems to be based on system 16. Any of the three options (no brightness, brightness and normal) is spectacular being the choice of the particular taste of each.
  1. in the three regions of the 32x system, the boxes with a gloss effect are less thick than those with no brightness. I think that those that are wider (without brightness) are more in line with the thickness of the megadrive boxes
  2. I just wanted to comment that the chaotix game is missing from Japan's set of boxes
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