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  1. I have uploaded a video to the page to showcase it in action ? arcadecabvid I am open to offers ayt this stage. ?
  2. Hi guys, have just re-visited this forum/page and found your comments. I have actually finished the cabinet apart from the side art and the build steps can be found on my own site neilmansellauthor.co.uk Unfortunately I am moving house in January (from Essex to Suffolk, UK) and my new house does not have the capacity to hold my new cabinet, let alone store it. I have thought of putting it in storage until I can find the room but I don't know when that will be, so have come to the reluctant conclusion that it will need to go. It is fully working, requires the T-Molding fitt
  3. many thanks, but you can still view my updates at arcadecab.co.uk :)
  4. Dear All, I have had nothing but trouble uploding to these forums so have decided to create my own website, showcasing my work on the DIY Star Wars Cockpit Cabinet. I will be uploadin the site soon at www.arcadecab.co.uk and will not be updating this page anymore. Thanks for your comments, and please email email me at [email protected] or check out my site real soon :)
  5. More work has been completed.... Back cut ready for marquee which will be light from behind of seat. Speaker holes cut. T-Molding around edge all cut ready for fixing (perspex edge) See images below.. Enjoy!
  6. More work finished and images attached. Control console now has per player: Joystick (4/8 way switcher), 6 buttons, start, coin, Spinner (which converts to mini steering wheel) 4 Additional Buttons in middle top Left/Right Flipper buttons on front of control panel Single Button under top piece for power. Trackball All the controls (buttons, joystick, buttons) are illuminated expect the spinners. Front of cabinet is nearing completion, top of cockpit ready for roof. All will be sprayed black before inserting T-Molding, additional parts (floor metal, speake
  7. Thanks. Star Wars specific, I need to find a good printer/artist that can print the side art for me, as close to Star Wars Cabinet as possible. :) Anyone know any company that can help?
  8. Right, I have managed to get some more work done on the cabinet, hopefully to finish before Christmas Day this year :) I have been working on the controller panel (6 buttons and joystick per player + start/coin buttons + 4 extra buttons and spinner for each player which converts to steering wheel). Monitor will have a bezel that hides the edge of the monitor and gun sensor, all completed with perspex and designs. Also been working on top of the front section. Then will continue work on roof section (mainly perspex) and finally with the finishing touches such as T-Molding and other
  9. thanks. really what car games work well with the steering wheels, I can then seperate them on the game menus. :)
  10. ok thanks, what games did you find that didn't work. I had the same idea for foot pedals as well :)
  11. Hi all, Updated pics coming soon :) I am about to order some SpinTraks and have Mini Wheels attached to them (when required) for racing games. SpinTrck's will be mounted horizontally in front of the player controls. I did play test using my PC USB Steering Wheel and pedals, but I found more MAME games required a different wheel controller and I believe the Spintracks will be perfect for Outrun, Turbo, Championship Sprint and others. Your thoughts would be welcome though :)
  12. Thanks. Yes, if it wasn't for my man cave the wife wouldn't let me build it LOL I have moved a few of the parts such as the kick board, as on paper it worked but it didn't seem right on the build, etc (seen in photos) Same for the rear glass/bezel sign/section and monitor. The original had a slightly different angled design at the top as the monitor was close to the front of the cabinet, whereas my monitor is set back. I'm looking for spare Star Wars Parts I can spray black and use for the design. Still unsure whether to get the side art as Star Wars or go for something completely dif
  13. More work has ben done. The white wood used is for template not the actual wood. It will be made fully out of Ply (not MDF). Enjoy!!! I hve to now get the control panel design finalised and the buttons, etc to be placed in the top panel (it is sloped and fits onto the control area in the image and opens up on an hinge for easy repairs). Also have to add a light, image bezel aat back, speakers in seat back, bass speaker in seat then to add the screen, pc, etc Before removing it all to spray paint it reaady for the pitures on the side (anyone know of a good UK printer that can
  14. Right here are the latest pics.... The outside has been cut, obviously this will be covered with images and possibly perspex to protect it. I am working out where the inside rails, controls, etc will be going as although it has markings, it is better to sit in the seat and see how it feels. I have already raised the controls slightly upwards based on the feel of it. Most internal rails at the moment are only holding rails at this stage. There are no floors or bases, or front back as of yet, although cut its easier to work on without these sections getting in the way. Th
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