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  1. View File GameCube 3D Box Pack 3D Boxes for the Nintendo GameCube Availability - Site, FTP Submitter BajaResident Submitted 01/17/2011 Category Artwork Resolution 326x599 Naming Convention Redump / HyperBase File Count 693  
  2. Version 1.1


    3D Boxes for the Nintendo GameCube Availability - Site, FTP
  3. I appreciate them. My HS setup is more than just a "cabinet" of playable games, but also a game encyclopedia of sorts. Even if the rom doesn't play I will have it in my wheel, and it's nice to know at a glance which won't play. Besides, just because they don't play now doesnt mean they won't some day in the future.
  4. I created a Virtual Boy montage and placed it in WIP/BajaResident if anyone would like it for their main menu. It's 10s each transition, 1 min long which I believe is the standard. (I was able to get them to play in AVS but even the montage I created in AVS wouldn't play in the other ones. Really weird...)
  5. So those movies play fine inside HS but in WMP12 or Media Player Classic or Moyeas in the screenshot, they don't play. Really odd...
  6. The forum is giving an error after posting.. odd
  7. All the videos you didn't make look like this for me: Do you know what would cause this? Yours look perfect however... how would you like to remake the rest? :)
  8. Take your Good set and run it through clrmamepro with the No-Intro dat files and you will have a No-Intro set of your very own
  9. Noticeably more sluggish for me too. Also, I'm not fond of backgrounds of any sort on web sites - but that's just me. The new menus seem better though, probably more functionality like you said. PC is a Q6600 6GB running Win7 64bit with a 896mb GTX260
  10. Pretty damn cool! I need to get that MP3... perfect to play in the background for when I'm masterminding a scheme.
  11. Anyone have these? ( or can make them ) Addams Family, The (USA) Akumajou Dracula X - Chi no Rondo (Japan) Gate Of Thunder (USA) Loom (USA) R-Type Complete (Japan) Riot Zone (USA) Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective Vol 2 (USA) Syd Mead's Terra Forming (USA) Vasteel (USA) Ys IV - Dawn of Ys (Japan) edit: shortened list
  12. Classic NES Series - Dr.flv Photoshop does that crap too... gotta love it...
  13. C:\HyperSpin\Emulators\VisualBoyAdvanceM956/VisualBoyAdvance-M.exe VBA was abandoned in 2005. I would highly recommend VBA-M. Plus it works a lot better. You can actually have your savegame files store in a different directory so your rom folder isn't all cluttered for starters!
  14. I noticed your classic series videos say "this game is not playable" Is that intentional? Mine play fine. (Also I think you could just substitute the NES videos for those since we have HQ ones done already - no?)
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