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  1. You know what would be nice? A FAQ or maybe a tutorial on using DSU. Ive contributed and have access to DMU but am not really clear how it works. The questions I have pertain to DMU as well as Hyperspin, and I know you don't support Hyperspin so question 2 really doesn't pertain to you but heres my questions and any reply you could give me would be appreciated. 1) Under the Download tab, I see how you pick your system (ie,mame) then point it to your mame rom folder so DSU can see what roms you have and download the correct art or movies, but what should the path be for the download folder? The same path as where mame resides on your local drive? (ie, c:\emulators\mame), or if your using hyperspin, in your hyperspin folder under media\mame? Right now I have my download folder pointed to the DSU default which is a folder on my desktop called Download Service, and that is where DSU puts the files it downloads. Im guessing that's not correct because I have to manually copy all the movies from there to either my c:\emulators\mame folder or (since im using Hyperspin) to the hyperspin\media\mame folder. What is the correct path? 2) And of course when I downloaded the videos I picked MP4 because I knew its a much smaller file size compared to AVI but after downloading MP4 Video_Hi_Qual, Mp4 video database and Mp4 intro I went into the hyperhq.exe utility for hyperspin and under the settings for the video folder path location it says in bright red letters that it uses AVI files, so then I go back to DSU and download all the AVI Video_Hi_Qual , Video database and Video intro's but after reading the forums, it seems MP4 work just fine with Hyperspin. Since Hyperspin works with EMUMovies, you would think that someone at Hyperspin would update their utility to show that MP4's work and help you guys save some bandwidth. So is it safe to say that Hyperspin can use both AVI and MP4? 3) Lastly, I get the difference between VIDEO, and VIDEO_HI_QUAL but what about Video database? Whats it for? I downloaded that as well and after some research it seems I don't need that folder at all unless im running GameEX, which I'm not. Is that correct?
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