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  1. I have tried emu movies sync with same result. I am tethering my cell phone to my laptop (excellent speed) with pdanet. This may be a problem. I have no other internet source atm.
  2. When I change the paths and scrape files to my intrnal hdd rather than my external... the videos from here still show 404. I do not have any virus defenders or firewalls running.
  3. The first system that sold me was the NES in 1987, I was going on six and Mario was crack, but I can recall playing 2600 a year or two earlier at my grandmothers camp and aunts basement... break out for the win~
  4. My name is Dave and I like long walks on the beach and ice cream. I love emulation. I am working on a site right now calledretro-replay.com and it will be mint some day I promise! I was working on some hyperspin side projects and just found out that all of the HQ videos I made for the Arcadia 2001 were being uploaded here! So I can at least sign up and say whats up! Hyperspin is a great front end, and the community of users that make the emulation movies that show up here rock as well. You guys keep up the good work! I plan on getting a membership here soon!
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