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  1. Ok I'll re-record the video and upload it to the FTP. If you notice anything else that needs to be fixed please let me know.
  2. I went ahead and uploaded one of the games I have completed already which is a hack of Doom for the 32x. No rush but whenever you have time please take a look and let me know if everything was done correctly incase I need to make any changes prior to uploading any additional items to the FTP. Thank you!
  3. That's great, I wasn't aware of that. I'll submit some for the 32x in the next couple of days :-) In regards to title screen shots, what do you do for games that don't have a title screen i.e. Soulstar X (USA) (Proto) for the Sega 32x It doesn't have a title screen so I created a custom one based on the Sega CD version of the game to use in my emulator frontend. Do you accept custom title screens if the game does not contain one?
  4. Can you explain the below final step processes for me: - Videos will be cropped, sized and edited together with transitions - Audio will be normalized - Final FLV and AVI versions will be encoded I am doing videos of videogame hacks that won't be included in emumovies so I was just doing them for myself and wanted to know how to finish everything once I have a 10 second time video and a 30 second game play video. Thanks for any assistance that is provided.
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