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  1. my download limit for each day is not resetting. for the last 3 weeks it has been saying my daily limit reached ??????

  2. I aslo need some MAME video snap help. i have the .avi format mame emu movie files, also using Maximus Arace,. my problem is that i only get an "image unavailable" displayed. if i use a still snap i do get the still image. ive tried playing the .avi file in media player and works fine. ive set my path correctly to the corrosponding video snap folder. ive also installed the cccp codec pack. also tried placing all .avi files into 1 folder. im using MAMEUI32 ver please help i dont have much hair left.
  3. Gday all. Luke from Australia here. bit of a newbie to arcade building, im the process of making my first ever cabinet. could any one please point me in the correct direction to ask for help with getting MAME video snaps to work, im using Maximus Arcade FE. but if there is an appropriate help topic ill ask more in there. Thanks.
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